How to deposit money into your Betway account

Now, that you have registered an account with Betway Naija, it’s time to put some money in it.

Depositing with Betway is simple and easy and there are a number of banking methods available to Betway customers.

You can fund your betting account using Credit / Debit Card, Direct Bank Transfer, ATM, Bank *737#, mCash or at any bank branch.


1. Deposit using Credit / Debit Card

Step 1: Select the "My Account" button on the top right hand corner of the website
Step 2: Select "Deposit Funds"
Step 3: Select "Credit/Debit Card"
Step 4: Select your previously saved card or enter your new card details

Top Tip: Select “Save details for future use“ for quick depositing the next time you want to place a winning bet

Step 5: Enter/Select the "Amount" you wish to deposit
Step 6: Select "Proceed"
Step 7: The page to enter your credit/debit card details will load
Step 8: Please complete the required fields and select "Pay NGN"
Step 9: You will be required to enter authenticate the transaction with either a pin/OTP/phone or a combination of the three options
Step 10: You will receive a response of "Successful" or "Unsuccessful"
Step 11: If your transaction is successful your Betway Cash balance will be updated  

2. Deposit using Direct Bank Transfer

Step 1: Select the "My Account" button on the top right hand corner of the website 
Step 2: Select "Deposit Funds" 
Step 3: Select "Direct Bank Transfer" 
Step 4: Enter/select the "Amount" you wish to deposit 
Step 5: Click "Proceed" 
Step 6: The page to enter your bank account details will load 
Step 7: Select your bank from the drop-down list 
Step 8: Enter your bank account number 
Step 9: Select "Verify Account" 
Step 10: Select your Date Of Birth 
Step 11: Enter token/s sent to your phone number listed on your banking profile with your bank 
Step 12: Please complete the required fields and select "Next" 
Step 13: You will receive a response of "Successful" or "Unsuccessful" 
Step 14: If your transaction is successful your Betway Cash balance will be updated

How to deposit money into your Betway account with a direct bank transfer

3. Deposit using ATM 

Step 1: Go to any ATM that supports QuickTeller/Interswitch/PAYDirect to deposit funds into your Betway account. 
Step 2: Insert your card into the ATM and enter your PIN number. 
Step 3: Select the option "Paybills" or "Quickteller". It could be displayed as either depending on what type of ATM you’re using. 
Step 4: Select your account type. 
Step 5: Choose the payment option "Pay Merchant" or "Others". It could be displayed as either depending on what type of ATM you’re using. 
Step 6: Type in the Merchant Code, which is 04323301 for Betway. 
Step 7: Type out your Betway account number for this. (+234 XXX XXX XXXX) 
Step 8: Specify the amount you’d like to deposit. 
Step 9: You’ll be asked for your phone number, type it in and then select "Proceed"
Step 10: A screen will pop up informing you that your payment has gone through successfully, and you’ll receive a notification of your payment.

How to Deposit funds into your Betway account at an ATM

4. Deposit at your bank

Step 1: Go to any bank branch to deposit funds into your Betway account 
Step 2: Fill in a Fund Transfer slip with the following info and take it to a teller:

  • Customer account name: your bank account name or cash if you want to do cash deposit
  • Customer account number: your bank account number or cash if you want to do cash deposit
  • Beneficiary account number: your Betway Account Number (+234 XXX XXX XXXX)
  • Beneficiary account name: Betway
  • Amount: the amount that you wish to deposit
Step 3: Request the teller to make a Paydirect deposit to Betway 
Step 4: The teller will ask you some security questions to confirm your details. 
Step 5: A receipt will be printed by the teller for you and will need to be collected for proof of payment. Your funds will be deposited into your Betway account and you can get betting.

How to deposit money into your Betway account at your bank branch

5. Deposit using GTB *737#

Step 1: Dial the USSD string and input your deposit amount: *737*50*AMOUNT*285#
Step 2: Input your telephone number
Step 3: Validate the payment using the 737 pin or the last four digits of your Naira Master Debit card
(To create a 737 pin, dial *737*5#)
Step 4: Your funds will be allocated
Step 5: You will be notified of payment via email/SMS

6. Deposit using mCash

Step 1: Dial *402*00238929*Amount#
Step 2: Select the bank you want to use for payment.
Step 3: Select the account number.
Step 4: Enter your passcode.
Step 5: Final Stage. You will receive a confirmation message

How to deposit money into your Betway Nigeria account

Now, that you funded your Betway secure sports betting account, you are ready to get in the game! Best of luck!

How to reset your Betway account password

Having trouble remembering your password? No problem, here's how you can change it:
  1. Go to
  2. Tap Login and enter your mobile number
  3. Tap Forgot password?
  4. On our Reset Password page, re-enter your mobile number and tap Request Password Reset
  5. You'll be directed to the next Reset Password page and you'll receive a message from us on the mobile number you registered with Betway with a Reset Code
    Type in this code on the Reset Password page, then choose a new password and confirm it by retyping it
    Tip: make sure it is less than 10 characters long
  6. Tap Reset Password and your password will be updated

Take a look at our How to Reset your Password instruction video:

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Published: 05/10/2018