Live Betting with Betway

Live Betting lets you bet on a range of different bet types with odds that constantly change as the game goes on. These odds are dependent on various factors and you can make your own predictions based on a team’s possession, how many cards they’ve received, how each team is in defense and how many goals or points they’ve scored. This gives you much more control when it comes to your bets than a standard pre-match pick.

Betway Live Betting is designed for avid sports fans to take advantage of this. By showing up-to-date statistics and scores on all currently live matches, it’s incredibly easy to place a Live Bet with Betway. In fact, it’s no different than adding a pre-match bet to a Betslip.

How to place a live bet

Placing a live bet with Betway is easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Click “Live Now” to view Live Games
  2. Choose your preferred sport, league and bet type from the navigation bar and dropdown menus
  3. Select an outcome from the list of Live Games
  4. Your bet will be added to your betslip and a breakdown of the current game score will be shown
  5. Remember, odds are updated constantly so your bet will expire if you don’t place it soon enough
  6. If your bet expires, Betway will prompt you with the new odds before confirming your bet

What sports can a live bet be placed on?

Betway offers a wide range of different sports that you can place live bets on. These sports include:

  1. Soccer
  2. Tennis
  3. Ice Hockey
  4. Cricket
  5. Volleyball
  6. Rugby
  7. And many more

Why place a live bet?

Even though it’s always best to do your research before betting on any sporting event, Live Betting gives customers the added benefit of being able to see and understand exactly what’s happening in any given game before placing a bet. This puts customers at a massive advantage, being able to read the flow of the game, the confidence of either team and their respective strengths and weakness.

Live Betting is also a great way for betting enthusiasts to explore various markets that they wouldn’t otherwise. For instance, one could bet on a team to be up by 4 goals at halftime, only to hedge with a comeback in the second half of the same game. This allows Live Betting to be more fluid and exciting than standard pre-match betting.

Ultimately Live Betting lets the adrenaline of wagering a bet keep on flowing throughout the course of an entire game. It ups the intensity of any game you’re watching and makes for a more memorable sports viewing, and sports betting experience.

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