If you need help when playing/placing a bet online, or maybe even assistance in resetting your password, read this convenient list of frequently asked questions for guidance.

When you register an account and make your first deposit at Betway, you will get a 100% first deposit offer up to a maximum of ₦100 000. In order to qualify for this first deposit bonus, you need to place bets equivalent to 3x the value of your first deposit amount on odds of 3.0 or higher. You have 30 days to meet these playthrough requirements in order to unlock your Welcome Offer.

How it works:

  1. Register an account and deposit ₦100
  2. Place bets to the total value of ₦300 (at odds of 3.0 or greater)
  3. You will receive a ₦50 Free Bet (100% of the ₦100 first deposit up to ₦100 000)

Visit the Promotions pageto read more about Betway’s rewarding Welcome Offer.

Once you make a deposit, it should reflect instantly in your account.

If it is not yet reflecting in your Betway account, please click on the Cash button on the top left hand side of your Betway account in order to refresh your balance.

If the deposit amount still does not reflect, there could be a connection failure between the bank and Betway. In this instance, you will be required to email the PDF proof of deposit to [email protected] or send it via WhatsApp: +234 816 822 7279.

Please allow a couple of hours for our banking team to retrieve the funds, bearing mind that this delay may take up to 48 hours. If the funds are still not reflecting, Contact us for assistance.

There are many safe and secure methods to use to make a deposit at Betway including:

  1. Visa/Master Card
  2. Direct bank transfer
  3. GT Bank
  4. USSD M-Cash
  5. ATM deposit
  6. Bank deposit

How do I place a bet?

  1. In order to place a bet, log into your account
  2. Find the available sports to bet on
  3. Navigate to Betway's Home page for the latest upcoming fixtures
  4. Click on More Bet Types/Leagues
  5. Add your selections to the betslip by tapping or clicking on them
  6. Once you are done with your selections, confirm your bet on the betslip

View the Sports page for more information on the various bet types you can make.

How do I use my Free Bet?

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Select the My Account tab on the top right hand corner
  3. Make your selections/predictions
  4. Click on Use My Free Bet
  5. Confirm your bet

Why is my Free Bet not reflecting?

If your Free Bet is not reflecting on your Betway account, please click on the Free Bet button on the top right hand side (next to Cash button) of your screen to refresh your balance.

Why can’t I place a bet?

There could be a connection timeout on your mobile device or computer.

Try the following steps to resolve the matter:

  1. Log out from your Betway account
  2. Clear the cache and cookies on your internet browser as well as all temporary files
  3. Log back in and try again
  4. Should the issue persist please try logging from a different device or computer, and check that your internet connection is well up and running
  5. If the matter is still not resolved, please contact us with the exact error message, list of your betting selections and a screenshot of the error if possible so we can investigate and fix the problem for you

How do I view my Betting History?

  1. Log into your Betway account
  2. Click on My Account tab on the top right hand corner
  3. Select the My Bet tab
  4. The Open Bets tab will populate the bets, which have not resulted yet
  5. The Settled Bets populates your resulted or settled bets

Why did I lose my bet?

You may have selected a different betting type/market then what you had in mind. Always double check and ensure you understand the type of bet you are about to place.

How do I make a withdrawal?

  1. Go to My Account on the Betway home page after you have logged in
  2. Select the Withdraw Funds option
  3. Complete the withdrawal form by providing us with your bank account details
  4. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and click Proceed
  5. Your verification details may be requested

View all the banking methods available at Betway.

Withdrawals take between one and two business days to reflect in your bank account. If you have provided us with all the necessary information to process your withdrawal and still have not received your withdrawal within two business days, please send an e-mail to [email protected] with your username, the date you requested your withdrawal, the withdrawal amount and we will diligently attend to your query.

Withdrawals are paid to your own bank account that you provided us with when the Cash Out is requested. Unfortunately, we don’t pay to third party bank accounts.

Kindly note that a withdrawal may be delayed due to various reasons, such as maintenance, banking error, etc. This rarely happens.

How do I place a Jackpot bet?

  1. Click on the Jackpot tab
  2. Select the Jackpot you would like to bet on
  3. Make your selections in each game
  4. The default bet amount is ₦200, then click on Play for 200

Find out more about Jackpots.

Why did I get less than the prize amount?

If the prize amount is shared among all winners, each individual winner will receive their share of the total prize. For example if the prize amount is ₦1,000 and 8 people won, each person will receive ₦125.

You could also have chosen a stake per line on your ticket that is lower than the default unit stake on the Jackpot. For example, in a 1X2 Pick 5 pool, a ₦2 stake per line plays for ₦5,000, a ₦0.50 stake per line plays for ₦1,250.00 and a ₦0.20 stake per line plays for ₦500.

Where can I see how many people won?

You can see how many winning units there are in any recently settled pool by following the steps below:

  1. Click on the Jackpot tab
  2. Then click on Results on the right inside of the page
  3. Select the option Completed and this will populate the list of Jackpots resulted
  4. Click on the relevant Jackpot and this will give you a prize breakdown

Why is the number of winning units (winners) not a whole number?

This is due to variable bet amounts placed. A full one unit is when you use ₦200 to place a Jackpot bet, but if you use for instance ₦100 this will be considered as 0.5 unit instead of 1 unit.

How are Syndicate prizes split?

When a Syndicate wins a jackpot, the prize is split among all syndicate contributors in proportion to the percentage of their contributions towards the ticket.

For example, if the total cost of a syndicate ticket is 100 and you have contributed 10, you own 10% of that ticket. If it goes on to win 1000, you will receive 100, if it’s the only winning ticket for the pool.

How does a Syndicate Cash Out work?

  1. Syndicate tickets can receive Cash Out offers like regular tickets when they are eligible to win a prize.
  2. Captains only may be able to accept the offer and will often use social media profiles to communicate their Cash Out decisions or poll contributors on their opinion. So staying in touch with them on your preferred platform is a good idea.
  3. All Syndicate contributors will be able to see available Cash Out offers, but only the Syndicate Captain can decide to cash out fully or partially.

What happens if a syndicate isn’t fully funded?

If your Syndicate ticket does not get fully funded by the time the first game kicks off, all funds contributed (including yours) will automatically be returned to the respective contributors’ accounts and the ticket will be voided.

What is a rollover?

When a Jackpot prize is not won from the previous Jackpot matches, it is carried forward, which increases the prize for the next Jackpot prize.

For example a rollover on a Pick 6 pool will be carried forward to the next Pick 6 pool. You can see any current rollover amounts for a pool in the expandable section of the pool header.

Why are my winnings not reflecting in my Betway account?

  1. One or more games on your betslip haven’t played to completion yet
  2. When it comes to amateur, reverse or small leagues it may take a couple of hours for the league to confirm the match result
  3. It could be a maintenance or an unforeseen technical issue
  4. If all games on a betslip have played and completed, allow for an hour and then contact us if you still have not received your winnings

How do I reset my password

If you have forgotten your password and need to reset it, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on Forgot password in the top right hand corner of your Betway account
  2. Enter your mobile number (e.g. 579999333)
  3. You will receive a code via an SMS
  4. Input your code in the Reset Code field
  5. Type in your new password under New Password and click on Request Password Reset

If you are unable to receive the reset code your mobile number might be listed on the mobile provider DND list (Do Not Disturb), or could be blacklisted which prevents you from receiving certain SMS messages. We advise that you try the following in order to be removed from the DND list:

  1. Text the word START to 2442 if you are using 9Mobile
  2. Text the word ALLOW to 2442 if you are using MTN
  3. Text the word CANCEL to 2442 if you are using GLO
  4. Text the word ALLOW to 2442 if you are using AIRTEL

If you do this you should immediately receive a message back indicating that you have been removed or that you are not listed to the DND. If you are not on the DND and are still not receiving the reset code, it is a possibility that your mobile number may be blacklisted. In any such situation, please contact your mobile service provider to check this.

Alternatively contact our helpful support team for a temporary password after confirming a couple of details on your Betway account for security purposes.

What documents do I need to provide to verify my account?

Your verification documents may be requested at any time by our Player Security team in order to comply with Nigerian gambling regulations before processing your withdrawal.

Please take note of the general guidelines below:

  1. If the withdrawal amount is less than ₦250,000, your funds are normally processed without any need for verification documents. If there are any discrepancies picked up by our Player Security team there maybe a request for these documents.
  2. If the withdrawal amount is more than ₦250,000, but below than ₦500,000, your Betway account will have to be verified before we can pay your withdrawal. You will receive an email with the necessary documents required to verify your account (if your account has not been verified yet).
  3. If your withdrawal amount is more than ₦500,000, your Betway account will have to be verified before we can pay your withdrawal. You will receive an email with the necessary documents required to verify your account. You will also need to meet with a Betway representative before your winnings can be paid out to your bank account.

In order to change any details on your Betway account (except for your mobile number which cannot be changed) send through your request to [email protected] via WhatsApp: +234 816 822 7279 or give us a call on +234 1227 8860 (standard rates apply). If you have a new mobile number, you will be required to register a new Betway account.

How do I find out about the latest promotions?

All promotional events will be communicated to you via email and/or SMS. Generally, these offers will also appear as banners in your account under the Promos tab. The More Info button on your account banners contains participation details and guidelines regarding the specific promotions. See the latest promotions.

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