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The Africa Cup of Nations has a special place in the hearts of all Africans. There is no football tournament in the world that compares to the passion, flair and character of international African football. Sure, Spain has the flair, England has character, and Italy has passion, but none have all three combined and packed together.
Cast your mind back to the 2017 AFCON tournament. After going down 1-0 in the 22nd minute thanks to a wonderful Mohamed Elneny goal, Cameroon – a side that had very few big name players, looked incredibly average, and were never given a chance to make it past the group stages let alone win the whole tournament – fought their way back into the contest and struck the winning goal with just two minutes left in the match.
It is that drama that makes African football so unique. Any side has a chance of upsetting their rivals, and certainly, any side has a chance of winning the entire tournament.
The 2019 edition of the tournament is set to get underway on the 21st of June, when players will pull on their national jerseys and battle it out under the gaze of the Great Sphinx for the right to be called the champions of Africa. We’re giving you the chance to win NGN 2 million in our free-to-play AFCON Predictor.

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What is the AFCON Predictor?

The AFCON Predictor is a free-to-play score predictor game that gives you the chance to win NGN 2 million in cash simply by predicting the score of each AFCON game. You’ll get up to five points per prediction which will help your ranking on the overall leaderboard. The player with the most points, and who tops the leaderboard, at the end of the tournament will walk away with the grand prize, in cash.

How does it work?

Entry into the AFCON Predictor is completely free, all you need to do is register a Betway account and visit the Predictor page. Click on “Pick Now” next to the fixtures and enter the score of both teams. You’ll be able to make your picks up until five minutes before kick-off.  
Each prediction you make will earn you points based on the following criteria:
  • Exact (correct score of both teams) – 5 points
  • Close (you've picked the right outcome (winner / draw) and your score is 1 goal out, or your score is 2 goals out, but you have the correct goal difference) – 3 points
  • Result (correct result) – 2 points
  • Incorrect prediction – 0 points
Champions Of Africa

For example: In Ghana v Nigeria, you make the following selection: Ghana 2 – 3 Nigeria
  • If Nigeria beats Ghana 3-2, you will get 5 points as you got the exact score.
  • If Nigeria beats Ghana 2-1; 3-1; 4-2; or 4-3, your result will be ‘Close’ and you will get 3 points.
  • If Nigeria beats Ghana 2-0, you will get 2 points for getting the correct result (Ghana to win)
  • If Ghana beats Nigeria 2-0, you will get 0 points for an incorrect prediction
The player with the highest number of points at the end of the competition will win NGN 2 million in cash.
You can only choose once per match and all submissions are final. Predictions can be made up to five minutes before the start of the match. All picks will lock automatically at kick-off.
In the event of a tie at the end of the competition, a winner will be decided based on a set of criteria which can be viewed in the terms and conditions of the AFCON Predictor page.

Afcon Predictor
Now that you have the information you need, the only thing left to do is to visit the AFCON Predictor page, and choose the next champions of Africa. In-between rounds, and while you’re waiting for your picks to come through, you can also bet on all the 2019 AFCON action.

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Published: 06/13/2019