4 sports debuting at the 2020 Summer Olympics

1/15/2020 11:16:12 AM
In addition to track, field, gymnastics and swimming – these are the four new Olympic events to get excited about ahead of the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Lerclec eyes maiden Abu Dhabi GP title

11/29/2019 10:46:02 AM
Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc will be looking to clinch his maiden Abu Dhabi Grand Prix title on Sunday. 

5 strange ice hockey facts

11/22/2019 8:14:31 AM
A sport with the amount of history as ice hockey has a number of amazing facts. From player habits to odd game rules, hockey has its fair share of weird tales. Here are just five strange things you might not know about ice hockey.

A quick guide to American football

11/15/2019 1:58:52 PM
To a newcomer American football can look incredibly complex and, at times, chaotic, but once you understand the basics, American football can be one of the most exciting sports to watch. 

Zverev looks to defend ATP Finals title

11/7/2019 2:51:25 PM
The 2019 ATP Finals will be played at the O2 Arena in the capital city of England, London between 10 and 17 November. 

Sports records that might never be broken

11/7/2019 1:02:11 PM
As the saying goes “records are made to be broken”, while that might be true for most sports records that exist at the moment, there is a small number – maybe 1% – that will most likely never be broken. These are the records that will probably stand the test of time and see the holders etched into history as not only the best in their field but as the legend who could not be beaten.

Márquez looks to defend Malaysian GP title

11/1/2019 2:42:17 PM
The 2019 Malaysian Grand Prix is set to take place in Selangor which is one of the 13 states of Malaysia.

Tennis records that may never be broken

10/22/2019 10:56:28 AM
Every sport has records that will never be broken, tennis is no different. Here is a list of tennis records that might never be broken.

Márquez looks to defend Japanese GP title

10/18/2019 10:40:07 AM
The 2019 Japanese Grand Prix is set to take place in Motegi which is a town in Tochigi Prefecture. This will be the 16th round of this year's Championship and it will take place at the Twin Ring Motegi. Join Betway & bet on MotoGP with up to NGN 20,000 in Free Bets.

3 former NBA stars who love to gamble

10/9/2019 2:10:56 PM
From $1.3 million in golf bets to $2.5 million in six hours on blackjack, sports stars love to gamble. These are the three NBA stars who are known for their love of gambling.