Virtual Sports Betting: The New-Gen Gambling for Nigerians

All about virtual sports betting – what it is, what you can expect and tips on how to maximise your payout probability wagering on make-believe sporting events!

Virtual Sports Betting: Fun-Filled Entertainment with Wagers Built-In 

Virtual sports betting adds a new dimension to the gambling experience.  It’s fun, fast-paced and available around the clock.  It’s a clever combination of conventional sports betting and popular casino games that have random outcomes like slots, video poker and keno.
Unlike fantasy games that feature real-live players and authentic teams, events and leagues; virtual sports are contested by fictitious competitors belonging to imaginary squads, leagues or racing stables.  
You may not be able to witness the digitalized versions of the premier footballers of Nigeria do what they do best - the awesome attacking skills of Alex Iwobi, the scoring prowess of Kelechi Iheanacho or the tackling torment of Wilfred Ndidi - but you can still turn a profit wagering on the outcome of make-believe sporting events.
 Virtual Sports Betting: The New-Gen Gambling for Nigerians

Sophisticated High-Tech Gambling Products

Despite the creative fabrication inherent in virtual sports, technology has lent a hand in creating an outstanding gambling product.  Sophisticated motion capture technology coupled with cutting-edge graphics and ‘live’ commentary create digital sports simulations that are immersive and captivating.
Along with the quality imagery and audio that add their fair share of ‘realism’ to proceedings, you’ll have the opportunity to check out player profiles, team stats and - in some cases - historical performances.  The best sports bookmakers online offer a wide choice of virtual sporting codes and scheduled events that are rapidly deployed for your benefit.
Whether you’re into greyhound racing, the Sport of Kings, team sports or individual match-ups, you’ll be able to satisfy the betting beast located deep within.  You’ll find fixed odds and a variety of bet types pertaining to the ever-popular Virtual Basketball League, Virtual Football League, Virtual Horse Classics and more.
 Virtual Sports Betting: The New-Gen Gambling for Nigerians

Virtual Sports Betting Tips

How can you increase your payout probability when wagering on virtual sports?  Well… the odds provide a hint.  Players or teams with the shortest odds are the favourites to win but if you back the underdogs instead, you’ll benefit from a better payday. 
Remember, the outcome of each event is random.  Traditional betting strategies are not practical nor effective.  By backing the team or player with the longest odds, your bankroll will not only last a lot longer but if you do win, you’ll get the best real money returns!
Another way of maximizing your chances of a payout is to choose the bet type with care.  An ‘each way’ wager that pays out if your selection comes in first or second is a better proposition than a straight ‘win’ bet. 
Similarly, an over/under bet type that gives you a wider predictive scope by paying out over or under a specified number of goals, tries or points is an easier prospect than correctly predicting the final score or the precise number of goals scored in a match.
 Virtual Tennis

Benefits of Betting on Virtual Sports

A key benefit of betting on virtual sports is the fact that you don’t have to consider the usual data points before placing a bet.  As outcomes are random and generated by computer algorithms, there are no extraneous elements that can influence the results.
You don’t have to factor in the weather, in-game injuries, current form or yellow or red cards.  Soaring temperatures like those experienced at Flushing Meadows are not a factor in the Virtual Tennis Open and wet, slippery or windy conditions do not impact the final results in Virtual Dog Races or horse racing events. 

Wagering on virtual sports is a great introduction to sports-based gambling.  You’ll learn how to understand the odds and bet types… without being bamboozled by all the other stuff!

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Published: 09/03/2018